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Rick Santorum Announces He’s Running for President

Former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) announced on May 27, 2015 that he was running for President. He posted a tweet, sent out at 4:19 pm CST, to announce his candidacy just before his … Continue reading

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So Many Scandals To Choose From

  This is just a sample – a meager selection of the shameless lawlessness of the Obama regime. Here, you’ll find no dearth of choices when it comes to the … Continue reading

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Ireland Chooses Marriage Equality

In Ireland, following debate, campaigns and an election, the people voted overwhelmingly to redefine marriage, implementing marriage equality for the first time by popular vote, enshrining the change through the peaceful, … Continue reading

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Houston Matters May 21, 2015 – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Death Penalty, Hunting Rights and Writing an Essay to Win a House

  Lisa Falkenberg, Fred Goodall and I discussed three interesting topics this week on Houston Public Media‘s show Houston Matters, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Texas has taken the … Continue reading

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This editorial cartoon from Rick McKee illustrates perfectly Obama’s ineptitude in understanding true priorities, and his refusal to understand true crisis.

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20 Years Ago Today – Mario Elie and the Kiss of Death

(My bad. I totally missed posting this on Wednesday. Okay, so before you read this, pretend today is Wednesday, May 20. Work with me people…) 20 years ago today, on … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal for Religious Conservatives

Conservatives – especially those of you whose religious beliefs form the basis of your views – must know by now that your time is almost up. While you’ve dominated society … Continue reading

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